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TestFlight Now Available on the Mac App Store

Apple has just launched a new service called TestFlight that allows developers to invite users via email or public link to beta test apps for the first time on macOS.

Apple acquired Burstly, the parent company of TestFlight, back in February 2015 and announced at WWDC that it would be launching an all-new TestFlight app later this summer to replace the existing iOS version of its beta testing service.

Apple finally released the new Mac version of TestFlight on September 12, which makes it easy to test beta versions of macOS apps, then provide valuable feedback. Developers can invite testers via email or a public link.

The TestFlight app is now available on the Mac App Store as a free download, and it requires OS X 10.11 or later to run. The new version brings support for automatically installing apps on registered devices, as well as automatically collecting crash reports.

If the developer decides to limit the number of beta testers, then it is now possible for them to invite specific users to test their app based on the email address or full name. Developers can also restrict who has access to a certain build by specifying a date before which the build is not available for testing.

When you test the beta app, Apple and the developer will get your information. They might use it to improve their products. Apple will use the information about crashes and how you used the app to improve their products and services.

It’s a new era for iOS development. Apple has taken the wraps off of Xcode 5, and with it comes an exciting new feature: TestFlight. Now available on the Mac App Store, this update allows developers to send beta builds to up to 1,000 users for testing before they ship their apps. This is great news! It means that the developers will have more time to test their apps while also ensuring that only the best products make it onto the market.

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