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Apple to Offer iPhone XR as Loaner Phone During Repairs.

Apple has announced that it will be providing the iPhone XR as a loaner phone during repairs. This is not an entirely new idea, but Apple seems to have taken it one step further by making this offer available only to customers who purchase their devices through Apple. The company does mention in its announcement that customers can also receive a $30 gift card for using the loaner phone, which is helpful if they are looking for ways to keep their “old” iPhones updated with apps and other media content.

Apple is now offering iPhone XR as a loaner phone to customers with in-warranty repairs. The company’s new iPhone Repair Express Lane initiative will be available at all Apple Stores and authorized service providers worldwide. This step is part of the company’s commitment to making sure that customers can still use their iPhones while they’re being repaired. 

iPhone Repair Express Lane is going to be available only for customers who purchase their devices through Apple. Apple Repair Express lane is a service that allows the customers to continue using their iPhone while an Apple technician is repairing it. This means that you won’t have to worry about not having a phone while repairs are done. The program includes an up-front replacement price and a $30 prepaid card for returning the loaner phone when repairs are completed.

Once Apple notifies you that your phone has been repaired, you have fourteen days to return the loaner device. This means that, after fourteen days, you are no longer eligible to receive a loaner device.

There is an exception to this rule: You can continue to use the loaner device even after 14 days if Apple notifies you that the issue for which the device was initially brought in has been fixed. In this case, your phone will be examined again at a later date, and only if it is free of defects will it be returned to you.

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