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Apple Says Notch is a ‘Smart Way’ to Give Users More Space for Content on New MacBook Pros

Apple says the notch on its new MacBook Pro models was implemented as a “smart way” to allow customers more room for content, according to an Apple official who recently spoke with Japanese-language website Mac Otakara.

Notches have been much maligned since they were first introduced into Apple’s iPhone lineup several years ago. Since then, however, notches have become increasingly common across various device lines. It’s possible that many people have become desensitized to them at this point, though it also likely that many consumers still feel very strongly about their aesthetics and functionality.

In any case, Apple may be making a push toward “more screen” in some of its products, but the new MacBook Pro’s notch was widely criticized upon its introduction earlier this year. Many compared it unfavorably with how Apple had downplayed the notch on iPhone X several years ago, while others pointed out that the company didn’t give customers any additional explanations for why they’d need to make room on their screens.

According to Mac Otakara, an internal Apple staffer told one of their reporters that “We did not put a notch on iPhone X because there is no more space inside of iPhone X, but there is still space on MacBook Pro.” The reporter continued:

Apple says that it is a ”smart way” of solving [the problem]. I don’t think Apple sees this as a big problem, but some Apple engineers are not too satisfied with its appearance.

Mac Otakara’s source goes on to say that the design team was “really stubborn” about adding the notch, noting that it was “impossible for us to not make it”. The source points out that having enough room for edge-to-edge displays on devices like MacBook Air is difficult because of space constraints, while there’s often enough room in laptop products to include cameras above displays.

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