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New Images Offer Even Closer Look at New 14-Inch MacBook Pro

 Apple unveiled 14-inch MacBook Pro on Thursday, and the new device is already receiving a lot of interest. Interested buyers are looking for more information about the 14-inch MacBook Pro features, but Apple has not yet offered many details. We do know that it will have a Retina display with 2880 x 1800 resolution, an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor up to 2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost speeds up to 3.6 GHz, 8GB of memory, and Flash Storage up to 768 GB in size.

There are a few 14-Inch MacBook Pro images that offer a closer look at the device. The first 14-inch MacBook Pro image is an overall shot of the notebook with its sleek design and slim profile. There’s another 14 inch MacBook pro photo taken from another angle showing off the backlit keyboard, speakers, and ports on each side for USB Type C as well as HDMI-out port options to plug into TVs or displays. In addition, there will be 802.11ac Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth wireless technology in this model as well as stereo microphones that support voice dictation via Siri intelligent assistant software.

When it comes to pricing, Apple has not yet announced 14-inch laptop features prices for United States customers although they have said that 14 inch MacBook Pro will be available in November. Apple has revealed 14-inch laptop prices for international markets such as Canada and the United Kingdom with pricing starting at £1249, which works out to about $1850 US Dollars.

New images have been posted by a design company that provides even closer looks at the new 14 inch MacBook. The device is currently being called “MacBook Pro” and it’s expected to be unveiled soon, possibly in March alongside updates for other Mac products. Some of the key features include an ultra-thin body, aluminum enclosure, 2560×1600 display resolution with 218 pixels per inch – all while still getting over ten hours of battery life from its internal batteries. While many sources are saying this will be a smaller version of what was seen before on 15 inches models, 14 inches gives Apple more space to make changes, something that is expected in the next-generation MacBook Pro.

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