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New MacBook Pro Could Have a Notch, Says Sketchy Last-Minute Rumor

According to the latest rumor, Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro models might come with a notch that might contain a webcam. The rumor was first originated from China when a Reddit user stipulated that the new MacBook Pro would come with a notch. The size of this notch will be similar to the iPhone 12. The user from China later declared that it might simply be a joke. But then later, another user with no track record whatsoever made a similar claim and said that the new MacBook Pro would come with a notch similar to that of the iPhone 12.

The user declared that he has contacted the supply chain management of Apple and has verified news. Instead of containing the standard notch, with a FACE ID just like iPhone, the MacBook Pro’s notch will come with a 1080p webcam and will be inclusive of a true tone sensor and encompass a microphone.

Even with the news of notch out of the top display, it is being said that Apple is unable to give the MacBook Pro four borders with equal width. Although the claim might be called a rumor, the Reddit user highlighted that the new MacBook Pro will come with a feature resolution of 3024×1964 and 3456×2234.

The only question that remains now is whether the rumor shared by two Reddit users turns out to be true or not. If we are to believe in rumors, another user claimed that the entire keyboard layout will be black, rather than just the keys, and this change is probably the biggest visual change on the keyboard in a decade. Although these rumors are from unverified sources, Apple rumors have been blind-sided before; all we have to do is wait and let Apple confirm the rumors that are spread by the two Reddit users.

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