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Apple iPhone 13 Supply getting hit by supplier chip shortages

According to a new report shared by apple insider, Apple is currently cutting iPhone 13 production targets because of supplier chip shortages. Suppliers are now struggling and having troubles while trying to meet the production quotas laid out by Apple.

The new report sheds light on Apple’s new movie, which is that the company might cut the production targets by up to 10M units because of supplier chip shortages. Although, these pinch points aren’t from its leading CPU supplier TSMC.

According to Bloomberg, these chip shortages issues are mainly coming from Broadcom and Texas instruments. The reports haven’t shed light on what kind of chips are in the tight supply from either one of the suppliers.

It was expected that Apple might deliver up to 90 million iPhone 13 devices before the end of this year. If that happens, the delivery rate would have gone up by about 20% than the last year. This would have meant that Apple has improved its production and delivery rate than the past years.

According to a senior analyst, these production and supply issues are happening mainly because of the increasing chances of COVID-19 resurgence and the challenges because of the production in China. On top of that, power usage restriction is another factor that is impacting iPhone 13 supply.

According to a senior analyst, Camera module production is the main issue for Apple when it comes to iPhone 13 manufacturing. Explicitly speaking, problems that are around the sensor-shift optical image stabilization are chiefly happening because of the shortage in supply. Texas Instruments and Broadcom, both companies, don’t have chips in the constrained components.

Regarding the power usage restriction laid out by the Chinese, the effect hasn’t affected just the major components of the industry, but small components manufacturers are also struggling with these primary issues, and in that case, Texas Instruments and Broadcom Count.

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