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iPhone 13 is better than iPhone 12 Pro in the DXOMark camera test

Just the previous month, DXOMark shared a report in which they shared that the iPhone 13 Pro camera ranks better than the last year’s iPhone 12 Pro. The company has just published the review for iPhone 13 and says that it is also better than iPhone 12 Pro in terms of capability, power, and focus.

DXOMark gave the camera rating and photo score of 138 to the new iPhone 13, which is undoubtedly one point better than the iPhone 12 Pro, and gave a video score of 117 to the iPhone 13, which certainly helps the iPhone 13’s case. On top of that, it got a Zoom score of just 55 points which is shocking.

The iPhone 13 and 13 mini both have the same camera modules, and DXOMark confirmed that, so it doesn’t matter which phone you have, the experience will be the same.

Additionally, DXOMark praises the iPhone’s camera and says that the results are beyond imagination. The camera works well with nice colors and white balance. It works like a charm in pleasant skin tones in most light conditions, and the camera is fast, accurate, and smooth.

We reviewed the DXOMark report and found out that the review also criticizes that the iPhone 13 doesn’t come with a telephoto lens. This means that it limits the detail of pictures while using medium to long-range zoom. On top of that, noise can be heard while making videos in low light, and colors are limited in high contrast scenes.

The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 rank in the 10th position when it comes to global smartphone ranking. Many users have disagreed with the DXOMark reports and said that their testings’ are not entirely accurate and are often disputed. Users have also opposed the photo score and said that why isn’t there any fixed scale and how can scores push well beyond 100. Share your thoughts about these scores below.

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