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Apple Stops Signing iOS 15.0 – Downgrades and Restores No Longer Possible

The new Home Screen design on iPad mini.

Apple has recently decided not to sign iOS 15.0.0, the previously available version of iOS released on September 20. Apple also stopped signing and update for iOS14.8 a week ago. Anyone who has updated to iOS 15 will not downgrade to this version unless they update to the most up-to-date version, i.e., IOS 15.1. That said, the only official version of the Apple software available at this moment is iOS 15 15.1, which became public on October 1. The update also fixed a bug that stopped an Apple watch from unlocking an iPhone 13 model when wearing a mask. Apple has stopped installing software updates in recent years, and that is why a person has to update his phone manually.

In addition, Apple released the 15th release of the operating system with fixed bugs for iOS and iPad. Firmware downgrades occur even when Mac OS X launches buggy updates. Finder and iTunes don’t immediately upgrade an iPhone to a new Apple iOS device or ‘iPad OS device.’ Apple will revert to old versions of iOS and iPadOS as it firmly desires users to use the most recent versions of its mobile operating system on their iOS and iPad devices. Throughout its operations, the company acts as a quality assurance to ensure that its users are protected by the latest security patches and simultaneously taking advantage of the latest features and bug fixes.

Those people who are still interested in jail-breaking should stay on the lowest firmware in the market. Because if you accidentally update or restore your phone, you will find yourself on the current, up-to-date version, i.e., iOS 15.1 beta 3. There is still no news about whether IOS 14 will be signed or not, despite the company’s announcement that users will be able to stay on iOS 14.

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