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Survey Suggests Most Apple Users Are Underwhelmed By iPhone 13 Lineup

Even before the newest iPhone 13 lineup launch, people weren’t ready to invest their money in the new phone. According to a survey done before the launch of the new iPhone, only 10% of Apple users showed interest in purchasing the new iPhone.

SellCell surveyed to find out the purchase intent of the people, and the results were not as the company expected. According to the report shared by the private company, the purchase intent of people dropped by 20% as most of the people were underwhelmed by the launch of the new iPhone with futuristic specs and capabilities. More than 5000 people were interviewed in the survey, and most of them were not happy about the new iPhone 13 lineup.

Some of the views shared by the people show that people aren’t entirely satisfied with the new iPhone 13 lineup. For example, almost 64.1% of the people said that the new iPhones aren’t exciting at all, and the other 21.5% people said that the features launched in the new iPhones are somewhat exciting to some extent. Additionally, 14.4% of people said that new iPhones have some impressive features, and they are extremely happy with the latest launch of the new iPhones.

When people were asked about whether they will buy the new iPhone 13 or not, approximately 77 % of the people said that they didn’t have any plans on purchasing the new iPhones, while 23.2% of people showed interest in buying. The pre-launch survey done by Apple two months ago showed promise for the new iPhone 13 lineup, but the purchase intent of the people dropped by a heavy 20.5% this year, compared to last year.

Even those interested in purchasing the new iPhones showed an interest rate of 42.5% in the iPhone 13 pro, while the second most popular choice was the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with an interest rate of 26.3%. Another 22% said they would buy iPhone 13, while the leftover 9.2% people showed interest in buying iPhone 13 mini.

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