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Apple Releases Ios 15.0.1 with Fix for Apple Watch Unlocking Bug on iOS

It has just been one week when the iPhone 13 and Ios 15 were released. Currently, Apple is working on rolling out a bug fix update that will surely come with some notable improvements. iOS 15.0.1 and iPad 15.0.1 are currently being launched with a bug fix that allows the users to unlock their iPhones with Apple watch and more. Here’s what Apple said about the new update.

  • According to Apple, unlocking iPhone with an Apple watch might not be possible to use with the iPhone 13 models.
  • Additionally, the settings app might incorrectly display an alert that storage is full.
  • Audio meditations might unexpectedly start a routine workout on Apple Watch for some Fitness+ subscribers.

Apple Watch users are currently satisfied because the “Unlock with Apple Watch” bug is fixed. According to the report shared last week by a reputable news source, Apple took a hard step by acknowledging the issue with the Apple Watch, and since then, it has gotten very harsh feedback from its customers. But, Apple promised to fix the issue, and they finally did. There are some other issues also reported in iOS 15, such as issues with the touch screen responsiveness and others. It is quite unclear whether the current release of iOS 15.0.1 will resolve the current issue.

On another note, an investigation finds Apple didn’t fix the flaw in the operating system. The researchers reported the weaknesses at the Apple Web Developers Center between 10 and 4. One of these vulnerabilities was detected in an updated firmware and patched, but Apple hasn’t listed them there yet, they said. Three other vulnerabilities still exist in iOS 1. The Apple Company called the bug bounty program a “runaway success” last year after the program began attracting complaints from outsiders about the organization.

Apple had announced its 15th iOS in 2021 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). With iOS 15.0.1 coming in soon after, we didn’t have enough time to learn plenty from iOS 15. But from what we have learned, iOS 15 wasn’t quite as revolutionary as iOS 14, but it builds upon and refines what came into release in the previous iteration and makes it even better. From Focus and Notification improvements to Major Safari and Facetime upgrades, Apple is doing its part in making the Ios operation system better than anyone else.

There were some other bugs found in Ios 15 too. People have complained and shared reports that their iPhone 13 screen fails to respond to touch, at times and the case is similar with both updates, i.e., Ios 15 and iPhone 15.1 beta. The ultimate issue with these updates is that the screen sometimes fails to respond to touch, meaning that the issue affects the “tap to wake functionality.”

Initially, the issue seemed like a bug that only affected the new iPhone 13 lineup. However, according to multiple sources, the issue remained consistent with the people with older iPhones too. Although Apple has resolved the Apple Watch bug in a new update, there is no news as to when other bugs will be fixed.

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