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Apple Releases Safari 15.1 Beta for macOS Big Sur and Catalina Users

Apple has finally released Safari 15.1 beta for the macOS Big Sur along with macOS Catalina. The chances are that this release will counter all the bugs that were encountered by the public from using the recently released Safari 15. Just after the release of the new Safari 15 for people who were running macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina, Apple recently released the beta version of Safari 15.1 for macOS versions just before Monterey.

At first, apple introduced Safari 15 as a part of macOS Monterey at WWDC 2021. Macintosh released Safari 15.1 beta version for macOS Big Sur and Catalina for test before coming out in October this year. Safari 15 for Mac presents a refreshed user interface with some controversial elements. New features include Tab grouping for organizing open tabs, security and privacy tools, and performance enhancement and UI tweaks. The redesigned Safari will come in the Mac OS X iOS 15 release and iPad OS 15. Developers can now download the latest Mac beta from Mac App Store on Wednesday. The beta version is available as a standalone download or installation in Google Chrome browsers in iPhone OS 15.2 and iOS 15.3. However, you should remember that the macOS Monterey will not be made available to the general public until later this year.

According to an internet news source, Mac OS X has Safari 15.0.1 beta on its Big Sur and Catalina platforms today, which is expected to be compatible with MAC OS X Monterey later. Safari 15 is updated for the MacBook with new user interface options and many controversial features. New features include Tab Groups that organize open tabs, security and privacy tools, performance enhancements, and UI tweaks. The updated Safari will be provided with Mac OSX 14 Version IOS 15 and the IPad. Developers can download the beta version on the developers’ website Thursday afternoon. The beta will be available for developers to download and trial in iOS 15.2 and iPad OS 15.3 versions of the browser.

It is quite unclear what’s new in the Safari 15.1 beta version because the official release notes are similar to that of Safari 15.0. According to rumors, Apple is currently working on fixing bugs and making some improvements in the latest version of Safari. It is still worth considering that some of the distinguished Safari 15 features, such as the built-in translator, might require macOS Monterey so that you will not be able to use them with macOS Big Sur or its other counterpart.

On another note, the official Safari 15.1 beta can be downloaded through the Apple Developer Website. Apple is inviting some users to test the new version with the help of the Appleseed program. Keep in mind that installing the newest version of Safari 15.1 beta will replace the main version of Safari Mac. This might not be a good idea for you if you are using Safari as your primary browser. The regular users of Safari are currently happy because of the newest changes that Apple is doing.

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