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iFixit Posts Video Teardown of New iPad Mini

iFixit has done yet another marvelous thing and tore apart one of Apple’s new and finest iPad mini models, and we are in the process of tearing it down even more. The famous repairing site tore up the phone to talk in detail about the new tablets and the detailed overview of why Apple’s latest devices are displaying an issue that has been referred to as “Jelly Scrolling.”

According to the website, the jelly scrolling function isn’t commonly as prominent as it is found on Apple’s newest 8.3-inch tablet. They further added that the jelly scrolling happens when the screen refreshes. As the screen refreshes from one side to another, a wavy pattern appears, rather than at once. If we see on the iPad mini, iFixit states that the direction the screen is scanning is related to the iPad mini’s controller board that drives the display and is the sole reason behind the jelly scrolling when the phone is in portrait mode.

Apple’s new iPad mini comes with a controller board placed in a vertical orientation on the left side of the mini pad. On top of that, the iPad Air, which doesn’t share any similarities in a portrait mode, has a controller board located just on the top of the tablet. This is why the iPad Air doesn’t have jelly scrolling issues.

According to iFixit, there are chances that Apple has some other strategies in mind and is using cheaper display panels in their iPad mini 6 to save costs. On the other hand, Apple has clarified the situation by saying that the jelly scrolling issue isn’t a problem; instead, it is a feature and is pretty normal for an LCD screen to behave like that. This means that the company doesn’t have any plans on allowing replacement for users who are facing the issue. For solely this reason, for people who are unhappy with the product, Apple has announced a 14-day return window.

Although this year Apple didn’t surprise us with their new iPad mini 6, iFixit gave their device a rating of 3 because the company has allowed limited repair options because they have used adhesives excessively, and other limitations have also been imposed, which doesn’t allow the person to fix the device, if it fell and got broken.

With the news of the “Jelly Scrolling” issue in the new iPad mini 6, people who loved and adored Apple’s products are sharing their reviews about the issue. Most people are adamant that Apple should recall its faulty products from the market and fix the related issue. While some are saying that regular customers of Apple don’t see the “Jelly Scrolling” feature as an issue because it isn’t somewhat a behavior issue. They have defended Apple’s stance by saying that the company has just invested in a cheaper display, and that pretty much sums the whole thing up. It is worth mentioning here that screens are the most critical part of an electronic device, and if there’s an issue with the screen, people don’t tend to get satisfied with the overall performance of the product.

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