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Apple Now Allows the Users to Review Built-In Apps

For years, Apple didn’t allow its users to review or rate the built-in apps, but this isn’t the case anymore, as the company has lifted all the restrictions on reviewing the built-in applications. It is currently the prime time of Apple, as the users can easily review the stock apps featured within a phone. The apps that can currently be reviewed are Mail, Music, Calculator, Stocks, and News. The update was made available to the public since the release of IOS 15 in the current month.

As expected, a customer’s influx can be seen on the app store, and their feedback on the apps is Apple’s worst nightmare. People are currently rating the stock apps with a 2.0 rating, which is seemingly low, as the stock apps are much finer and easy to use than the android ones.

Although Apple didn’t have any reason to officially announce that they are lifting restrictions, but it might be possible that Apple opened up because of the competitive pressure in the market, as the third-party apps weren’t being allowed to hide their ratings on the phone.

As a user can easily rate, install, and uninstall a third-party app on their phone through the Apple play store, Apple’s core apps like Phone or Messages weren’t available for rating and reviews as they weren’t made available in the App Store Listings.

Most of the stock apps haven’t yet been reviewed more than a dozen times because the news is still new, but the chances are that they will be reviewed and rated sooner than expected. Although, one can imagine how dissatisfied people are with the products being launched by Apple. Apple’s customers have a lot of grievances because of the current IOS 15 and are rushing to the App store to leave one-star feedback on the built-in apps.

Apple’s music app has gotten very harsh feedback from customers and is currently the most reviewed stock app with an average rating of 3.7.

As it is mentioned above that the customers are dissatisfied with Apple’s services and its device features, which is why Podcasts has just crossed a 2-star mark, and the customers are already complaining about the app redesign. The overall rating for the translate app is 2.2 stars, and the reviewers are leaving notes that the translations aren’t up to the mark, as the custom apps are doing way much better than the stock ones. Apple News has also gotten its share of harsh feedback and is currently standing at the lowest rating of 2.3 stars which is quite alarming, as people are reporting that the app crashes when they are reading articles.

Till now, no stock app of Apple has reached a perfect score of 5, while the highest rated app of Apple is Voice Memos, with an average rating of 4. The weather app is also relatively doing well and is currently standing at an average rating of 3.7. Although people appreciate the improvements that the new iOS 15 updates have brought, they still complain that there is room for improvement.

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