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After spending a summer doing beta testing, Apple has finally launched iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. Go to your iPhone or iPad settings app now and update your phone to access the new iOS features such as focus, home screen widgets on iPad, and others.

IOS 15 AND IPADOS 15 are equally compatible with all of the models supported iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 past year. This means that iOS 15 can easily be installed and used on the iPhone 6s and later. While the iPadOS 15 is compatible with every iPad that dates back to the fifth-generation model.

But, here is something that should be kept in mind. Some of the IOS 15 features require an iPhone XS or a newer model to run. These features include spatial audio on facetime and portrait mode on face time; New animated backgrounds in the weather app, and much more. There are some additional features too that require an iPhone 12 or a newer one to run.

New facetime features include spatial audio, meaning that you will hear the person’s voice from the direction in which he is positioned on your mobile phone’s screen. The grid view feature of the iPhone allows the people on your Facetime call in the same grid size that you are using.

The portrait mode, which is actually inspired by the portrait mode in-camera, focuses on you. You can invite anyone to Facetime now, even if they are using a windows phone or an android, without any hassle. Voice isolation mode in the new update cuts out the background noise, puts focus on your voice, and centers on it.

 Another great thing about the IOS 15 is that you can easily manage your notifications and improve the overall concentration on those apps. Focus allows you to customize notifications more easily. Now you can share your status in messages and much more.

Additionally, a new weather app has been added in IOS 15 but isn’t present in iPadOS 15. It comes with a new and challenging design and shows real-time notifications and beautiful animations, and much more. The freshly designed weather app is particularly impressive as it rearranges based on the current conditions in your area.

IOS 15 and iPadOS 15 particularly feature a new tab group in safari, meaning that it will allow you to save and organize tabs and switch between them easily. There are a lot of other features too that have been added in the new iOS and iPadOS upgrade. According to a survey done by a private company, people are happier that Apple is listening to the grievances of the general public and is making the much-needed improvements. With the current changing trends in the market, people are looking forward to the next update from Apple. According to the reports shared by the top new agencies, the iPhone 13 pre-orders will also reach the people’s doorstep by the 24th of September.

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