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First iPhone 13 Pre-Orders Now Shipping Ahead Of Friday Release.

Right after the pre-orders began, Apple is now starting to ship the first batch of their iPhone 13 orders to the early buyers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that you should expect your iPhone 13 pre-order to arrive any time sooner than the September 24 release. As Apple has started shipping the new iPhone 13 to the public, people are getting more eager to hands-on their new handset.

If you have checked your order status by using the Apple Store Online, or the Apple Store app, you will most probably see that your iPhone 12 pre-order is still being prepared to ship, but here is a trick around that. Now you can check the current status of your order by heading to the UPS website. You can also track the overall progress of your order and check if your order has made it to your state or not.

To do so, you can either input the Track by Reference number feature or enroll in the UPS My Choice platform. The reference number is most likely the phone number you have listed while ordering your new Apple iPhone without the last two digits.

According to the sources, not all the iPhones have been transferred to the UPS till now, so if you can’t find yours, there is a chance that your phone is still being prepared to ship.

UPS has also made significant changes to its tracking feature and limited the display reference number tracking details for improved security. This means that your best bet to find details about your order is by enrolling in the UPS My Choice platform.

If you can find your iPhone in the UPS tracking system, you will see it travel around the Globe to find your doorstep and will reach your home on Friday, September 24. Just like in the past, Apple will not tell about the shipment details until the official release date.

Bear in mind again that because the orders are being shipped to the general public doesn’t mean that your order is shipped, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you will get it sooner than September 24. Apple is currently working closely with UPS and its other shipping partners to ensure that no package is delivered earlier than September 24, i.e., the initial release date. The release date is different every year. This year, the date is Friday, September 24.

While you are waiting for your iPhone to get delivered to you, keep in mind that citing environmental concerns, Apple has taken a step back and isn’t including headphones or the charging brick in the iPhone 13 box, the current year. However, people can complement their new iPhone with a USB-C lightning cable, Native Union Drop 10W Qi charger, ANKER 30W USB-C Charger, or alighting to 3.5mm headphone adapter or cable. These are some of the finest items that you can buy for your new iPhone if you plan to stick with it for a while. Happy Shopping!

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