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iOS 15.1: Beta 1 Is Released With Share play and Vaccine Cards in Wallet

Just a day after Apple has finally released their IOS 15 and ipad0s 15 firmware, they have also begun beta testing their new iOS 15.1. Although the first beta was introduced to the developers on Tuesday, it will be made available to the general public in a day or so.

The most important update in iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 is the inclusion of Share play. It was originally scheduled to be added in the iOS 15 launch. Still, due to some technical issues, Apple has delayed its launch in the later update. And as things are turning out, we might get that update sooner than later. However, it might be the case that Share play will be launched from the official update of the iOS 15.1 release and pushed back again after some time.

Share play allows the users to watch the videos together and allows them to share the music in synchronization with others on a FaceTime call.

On top of that, with the new feature update in IOS 15, users can easily add their vaccination records to their health app. If your health care provides the option to synchronize your medical records with your health app, you can easily synchronize those records. On top of that, with the new update, users will easily be able to add a verified vaccination record card to their wallet app through a QR code. With this feature, verifying the vaccination status record is much easier for anyone. On top of that, if you don’t have IOS 15.1 yet, the iPhone comes with a feature to store your COVID vaccination card on your iPhone in the previous update.

If you are a developer, you can use the developer option on your device to download a beta profile for yourself. On the other hand, if you want a public beta for yourself, there is nothing to worry about that either. Go to on your device, and hit the sign-up button. After that, follow the steps to download the beta profile for yourself.

Upon downloading the beta profile, you will have to enable it to run the beta firmware on your iPhone. Open the Settings app. After that, tap General on your iPhone. Go to VPN and Device Management. Select the beta profile, and enable it. You might have to restart your iPhone or iPad to fully enable the profile.

Once your profile is fully enabled, go to the settings app and then hit general. After that, hit Software Update. You will see the iOS 15.1 update there and can easily install that update.

Although Share play was bumped to a later update in the IOS 15 update, as things have fully changed now, users can get the option of Share play in the iOS 15.1 update. It will allow the users to enjoy the music and videos in synchronization with the other user on the Facetime call. With the current changing trends in the market, people are getting excited over what apple has to offer in the upcoming updates. Apple is slowly playing its cards against the android firmware to enforce the idea that they are the best.

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