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Apple iPhone 13: All the Features That We Didn’t Get

Well, iPhone 13 certainly has a lot to offer than its predecessors, but still, there is a lot that the new phone is missing on. The new iPhone comes with better battery life, a better camera, and other storage options at the base level. Still, there are numerous features and gaps that we wanted the new iPhone to fill. Many of these features are available on Android, while some features can be seen on the other apple gadgets. Still, the company certainly wasn’t paying attention as to what people wanted in their new iPhone.

First and foremost, the company is missing an in-screen fingerprint sensor, which would have meant to give us a truly borderless screen. Other than that, the new iPhone is missing USB-C support. It would have been great if we could choose the same charger for other gadgets as well as your iPhone. Unfortunately, we won’t be getting that option any time soon.

Face ID is great for everyday use, but it would have been great if you could easily unlock your phone using an in-screen fingerprint. This was especially needed because the Face ID didn’t work correctly over the last year because of the face mask. If you don’t have an apple watch, you might have been typing your passcode more than usual this past year.

Rumors were circulating in the market that the new iPhone would come with satellite connectivity to send messages in emergency situations, and by looking at the new iPhone, it doesn’t appear so. Bloomberg reported that the new iPhone would be able to use the satellite coverage in areas with no cellular coverage, but the reports turned out to be fake. On top of that, the new iPhone doesn’t even have the hardware to support any such activity.

Wi-Fi 6e is relatively new and isn’t a must-have for everyone, but since people invest their money by purchasing a new iPhone so that they can keep it for several years, that is why it would have been helpful if the company introduced the 6e technology in their pro and pro max models.

An apple watch always comes with an in-display, and I wish that my iPhone could do the same. For several years, Android has been working on making screens that are capable of showing the information on the screen. It doesn’t sound like something that the iPhone should have, but it is relatively useful for some people. Even the customized availability of the option would have been sufficient. On the other hand, if you don’t own a smartwatch, let me tell you that an always-on option makes it easier for someone to see small bits of information on their watch while maintaining distance from their phone.

These are the tiny little details that Apple missed to launch this year. There are many rumors and talks that the company negated by launching their iPhones this year. Now, all we have to see is that these rumors turn out to be true in the iPhone 14 or not.

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