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Leaked Flat Edge Apple Watch May Be Next Year’s Design

Whenever there is Apple fall season, everyone is excited about the possible upgrade in the iPhone arsenal. This year, however, the Apple Watch took some shine off the iPhone and stole some of its spotlights because of the leaks, reports, and rumors associated with the fact that the new Apple watch will be getting a new significant redesign. One of Apple lovers’ mainshocks was the premium features and the elite design; Apple Watch didn’t have.

The rumors started circulating for quite a while, and even some credible sources added their narrative that the new Apple Watch would come in a new flat-edged design. Even Ming-Chi Kuo said that the Apple Watch would get a significant redesign at the earliest, but the reality is much different from what he said.

After Ming-Chi Kuo’s statement, rumors about the Flat-edged Apple Watch went quiet for a while, and the news went stale, as people’s main focus shifted towards the immediate products launched in 2020. The second time the news came to light was when Jon Prosser, a verified Apple news leaker, shared pictures of the new Apple Watch with a flat-edged design that depicted similarities with the iPhone and iPad.

While sharing the pictures, even Jon Prosser was confident and said that the new flat-edged design would be included in the Apple event.

Shortly after, Bloomberg reported several aspects of the Apple Watch Series 7, which were true and accurate. Their first report said that the new watch will have a much larger display and will come with thinner bezels, which is a new lamination technique. Bloomberg also shared that the series seven will come with ultra-wideband capabilities, but that isn’t the case anymore. In the mid of July reports, rumors were that the Apple watch series seven would encompass flat-edges and come with new watch faces, bands, and other potential features.

Is miscommunication to blame?

Given the fake rumors shared by some of the industry’s top professionals, people question if the news shared by these professionals in the future will be true to the core or not.

The Apple Watch was one of many products that the industry’s professionals shared rumors about. According to the recent reports, the next year, Apple’s watch eight will contain the industry’s finest health sensors and encompass many additional features. People expect a flat-edged design in the next Apple Watch event and have shared that the news is most probably wrongly attributed to the Apple Watch 7.

Apple is a company that is focused on making improvements in their already launched gadgets and will constantly look forward to building new features to achieve overall customer satisfaction. But if we assess this year’s Apple Watch design, the product is the best. It contains a larger display, and a newer, more improved battery has been included in the upgrade. Using these upgrades, we are hopeful that the new Apple Watch 8, which will be launched in 2022, will meet the general public’s expectations.

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