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iPhone 13 Pre-Orders Already Preparing to Ship

iPhone 13 pre-orders just started earlier on September 17th, 2021, and Apple is currently working on shipping the first batch of their phones to the people who pre-ordered the product. Customers from the U.S have reported that the current status of their order has been changed from processing to preparing for shipment. Although, in the past, it has been seen that Apple takes time to process the shipment and delivery takes up to a few days, with the current speed, customers are hoping that the delivery might take weeks to process.

Apple is currently planning on delivering the first batch of their orders on September 24th, along with the in-store launch of their iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

With the latest launch of the iPhone 13, all the rumors have settled down that the company is going to skip this year’s iPhone. A report predicted that no iPhone 13 would hit the shelves this year, and the company will exclude the idea of launching an iPhone this year and will go straight for iPhone 14 next year, but Apple has finally put an end to all of those rumors.

Due to the launch of the iPhone 13, prices have dropped for the older iPhones such as iPhone 12 and iPhone 11. It is the tale of every year. Whenever the company launches a new product, the prices of its older products go down immediately. Today it’s the iPhone 13 that is the cause of dropped prices.

During the California streaming event, the company announced that it was going to change some things this year, which meant that the new iPhones wouldn’t be coming in plastic-wrapped boxes. Many people have inquired as to why the company is making this move. The company at the event clarified their move by saying that they are doing so to avoid 600 metric tons of plastic.

Now, people are wondering how Apple will manage its product boxes from getting opened while transitioning. However, according to a leaked photo, Apple has smartly prevented the product boxes from getting opened. A tear-away sticker has been attached on the top and bottom sides of the boxes, which holds the box together until and unless you tear apart the whole sticker. P

As the pre-orders went live today for the new line of iPhones, customers will soon get their hands on the new iPhones on September 24th.

If we look at the battery capacities of the new iPhone 13, we can clearly see that Apple has significantly worked towards optimizing the battery life of their iPhones. Apple provided the battery sizes to chemtrec to facilitate shipment when a carrier requires MSDS/SDS.

Because of the increased efficiency of the new iPhones and the adequate battery power, one can probably suggest that the phone is going to be the most powerful gadget that the company has ever produced. The wait is finally over, as the product status of the iPhones has been changed from “processing” to “preparing for shipment.”

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