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Where to pre-order the new iPhone 13 lineup, iPad, and iPad mini?

The iPhone 13 will be available for purchase at Apple stores on November 14 for a price in the range of $49 to $60, including free shipping and Microsoft e-store. The devices will be available for pre-order on Friday. They go on sale in stores on September 24. A company analyst predicts that Apple could increase the price of an iOS device due to the anticipated pent-up demand from many consumers who have used the device. More than 350,000 Apple products are unloaded every day or compared with 360,000 for less than three-four quarters ago, Ives noted. Apple has also unveiled the refreshed iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and new Apple Watch series of 7.

Additionally, iPad and iPad mini are available for ordering now. Starting from tomorrow, people will be able to order apple’s unique and innovative lineup of iPhone 13 and can choose from different modes of pickups, payments, and delivery options.  Although the full lineup of products will be available in stores from September 24, people still have the option to pre-order their favorite gadgets through amazon.

The customers can select from a variety of new shipping, payment and delivery offers, and special shipping pricing direct in Apple Retail. Using the completely revamped e-Commerce website, buying on Apple can be easier than ever now. The knowledgeable Apple team is available at any time when you require assistance. Apple’s Trade for Apple Program is simple, fast, and easy to implement. Customers can purchase an Apple product in stores and redeem any receipt for credit for purchasing the product at any time.


New iPad Mini 6 and iPad 9 Now Available to Order on Amazon

The new iPad Mini 6 and the most awaited iPad 9 have made their appearance on the Amazon stores. These fines pieces of beauty will be commercially made available to the public in a few days. The mini iPad 6 is currently being booked at the starting price of $499 and can be ordered on the basis of color preference. It is currently available in purple, pink, space gray, and starlight colors. Additionally, you have the option to purchase the tablet in Wi-Fi or cellular configurations on the basis of your needs. These iPads are available in 64 and 256 GB storage options.

The price of the iPad 9 is $329.99 and is available in two color schemes only, i.e., Space Gray and Silver. Additionally, it also has the Wife and cellular configurations and memory options as its other counterpart. Both iPads will be formally released on September 24th, but still, the booking is started.

According to a poll, iPad mini six and iPad 9 are currently the most awaited tabs that have people on their standing on their toes. According to rumors, due to the surging demand for both of these products, Apple will most likely update the current prices of their gadgets.

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