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Apple recently hosted its iPhone-centric event, which included introducing the brand new iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, and the iPhone 13 pro max. Not only this but they also pleased their audience by sharing details about the Apple Watch series-7 and also surprised their audience by sharing details about the industry’s finest and the low-cost iPad mini 9.

Although the event went on for an hour and a half, here are some things that the apple unveiled.

Developers can now submit iOS 15 and iPad-OS 15 compatible apps to the App Store

Developers are now allowed to submit apps with iOS 15 or iPad OS 15 compatible with the App Store. IPad Pro & Air both receive ‘English lavender’ smart folders accompanied by the iPad mini and 9th-gen iPad. Apple has removed the leather loop that was original introduced at the 2016 release of the iPhone. The leather link and the modern buckle were the only two Apple-design leather bands ever used. Apple’s trade-in feature is one of the best ways to trade in your device.

The A15 Bionic chip on the iPhone 13 Pro has a more powerful GPU than anything on earth

The Apple Autumn Conference yesterday was a big movie. From mobile phones to tablets everything didn’t cease to amaze me. Apple released an iPhone 13 with more color variations and lighter bangs. MacBook Mini equipped with 15-rated chips & regularly refurbished iPads: a lot of things I didn’t expect. Those Air-Pods 3 are silent but the iPad mini seems fragrant.

iPhone 13 Pro god-mode feature: dual eSIM support for the first time.

The newly released iPhone 13 Pro comes with a dual SIM. The new capabilities were confirmed in the apple announcement releasing a new specifications document. Also, Apple noted iOS 13 is compatible with 3G networks and that it supports 4G. Pre-orders on an iPhone 13 will take place as early as Monday on September 17. An official release on September 24 will be announced. The new iPhone 13 Pro series includes new models like iPhone 13 Mini iPhone 13 Pro Mini and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Retail pricing is expected to increase from September 18. Get all the details for iPhone 13 pre-order through Apple Store. It is anticipated that 5G will be supported by more countries.

Here’s how iPhone 13 battery life compares to iPhone 12 and 11

The iPhone 13 Pro battery will last for an extended period than the iPhone 12. The 13Pro Max is the longest battery life to date in an iPhone X. The iPhone 13 pros support up to 22 hours of video playback up to 30 hours of Online Video playback and up to 35 hours of Mobile Sound playing. All products continue to support MagSafe charging at a maximum of 15 Watts or wireless Qi charging at 7.5 Watts. Fast charging is possible and requires a 20-watt adapter or higher and a compatible USB-C wire. Apple iPhone 13 Pro models have upgraded to Magsafe with 15 watts charging port.

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